Critical life events or choices that have shaped who you are


I have decided that I will share the link that I am using to find my blog posts.

I have decided to write about the reason I moved to Polk County, Florida. From the years 2004 to 2009 I had a very rough relationship with a known drug addict. I dated her and when I first met her she weighed 425 lbs. She told me that I was not ready for a relationship and she decided that she did not want to date me.  After a while Angie found me and we decided to have a relationship, for the most of the relationship we were in hospitals and we spent Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day in the Hospital due to her dumb things she is doing.  So after years of abuse and broken promises I decided that October 31st of 2009 that Angie attempted to overdose again and it is the wedding anniversary of my late friend, and I said it was enough was enough and I was on a plane two weeks later and I came to a place that I had no idea how to describe.

When I moved here these are pictures of what I saw, I am used to being in a subdivision with about 200 to 300 homes and maybe about 1,000 residents on a street, I moved to a city whose entire population is about 1,000 people. There are photos above to show where I moved to, If you would like more pictures I can take more beautiful pictures.


Florida is a unique place, people I feel have no morals or ethical values for those who are native, for the first few years of dates I was expected to go out and get a girl drunk, have sex with her and then rinse and repeat. When I am looking for a woman I want to use the MEAP program, Mental, Emotional and Physical and that is the order of which I want to get to know a woman. I am sorry if that is not the popular but it is how I feel.

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