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I have recently gotten back into blogging, as a desire I have for writing and letting my creativity flow. I have often been accused of being very brash, and rude at times and not knowing how to be nice when I write. I am going to start doing a 10 part series, I can either get this done in a weekend or over a course of a week and each article would come out every two or three days.

One of the major things I want to work on if this is going to really work, is to find a blogging group, where we can all do peer review and do comments to help the bloggers grow. If you really also want to grow an audience I recommend a word press mail software program to let your audience know when you wrote a new post. But below will be the 10 first topics I blog about. You may see some of my old blog topics I wrote show up here eventually, but at the end of the day, I am just going to write.

1) A guide to dating for male/females
2) The secret to letting go
3) The best dating apps
4) How to end arguments
5) How to know if he/she likes you
6) Tricks to keeping the relationship fresh
7) Male guide to female communication
8) Topics to talk about when the relationship gets boring
9) Relationship lessons from movies and TV shows
10) Signs of a healthy relationship

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