Why do woman make dating a fake event?

On the dating scene, we see many people who have different theories on topics. I would like to write an article today on why


I feel that Makeup in all actuality takes away from the natural beauty of a woman, I ask myself? What are they hiding, and why do they wish to present a fake look?

Here is my theory, the majority of the women who wear makeup have insecurities, men have hurt them in the past and they feel that is their way to hide the hurt.

This is my one question to you. If you take three hours to get ready and have the hair done right, makeup, clothes, EVERYTHING, and then you jump in the shower and wake up your boyfriend and he sees you completely natural with no makeup, hair etc.. and he runs… what do you think of yourself?

That is why I say makeup why?



  1. I completely disagree with this but I can appreciate your opinion. To me, putting my makeup on is an art and I just love the feeling of being glammed up and trying different colours and looks. I don’t think all women who wear makeup are insecure, most days I go without it, but I love glamming myself up and just the job of sitting there painting my face is something I enjoy doing; for myself. I wear this for myself and no one else.

  2. I think women should be comfortable in their own skin no matter who they are or what they look like. Some women love makeup and feel like it completes their style. I do think that when it comes to make up that “less is more”.

  3. My fiance has always said I look better without makeup, but I prefer my self with. No make-up to me is like being naked, that sight is intimate and re severed for those closest to me.

    1. Maybe you could discuss with him about a happy medium, you can put on makeup that looks good for you, but maybe try a different color, or see if you put on maybe less if he would be happier. I told my girlfriend I would put on makeup for her, and it could help him feel more comfortable about it.

  4. Good and compact content. Natural beauty is always greater than makeup beauty. Boyfriend or any other people who loves a girl only in her makeup beauty then it is sure that he doesn’t know the meaning of love.

  5. I think if a woman likes wearing make up she should… it doesn’t make her insecure.,,However I stopped wearing any makeup at all about 3 years ago and my face and skin feel fantastic!! I will never go back to wearing any.

  6. A great question to ask really but then no two women will have sane answers. I personally feel one must do what they feel best for themselves. I am not a great fan of makeup but I do get bored with myself sometimes and makeup gives you that zing and creativity in your life, just like a new dress or a new dish for lunch. However I must say it takes courage to post such an elemental question. Thank you for that.

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