Learn The Truth About Kira In The Next 60 Seconds

Our one month anniversary has just passed on August 15th of 2017, I decided that I am going to take my post I wrote for her, and share it with the entire world, since she is a very important past of my life, and my soul mate.

One month ago today I decided to embark on a journey with Kira Duncan, she has thrown my life upside down in a very good way. We are complete opposites in many fashions and really the same in many others. I have learned in this last month what it is like to be in love with a woman you want to be your equal and not just that person that you hang out with when you want to ( I would spend every minute of every day with her, and still want to be with her more ). You honey remind me of alot of my friends past and present and how we get along. Kira is trying to ground me and make me take my time in life, well we know how that is working out.

My friends understand the wave of emotions I have had with this, and well after one month, a lot of it is still there. After our first :” Awkward ” date I asked myself, what does she see in me, she is so beautiful she can have any guy she wants. When I sat down and got to know her on a different level, I reminded myself she is like no one I have ever met. I know the spot I wanted to kiss her in public, I know the place I wanted to kiss her for the first date, I knew the point I fell in love with her, which both were on our first date. This is the girl I stay up and think about at night, and the reason I can not sleep most nights, she drives me crazy in a good way. Kira makes me want to be better for myself and for her. as odd as it sounds.

Her quote life happens is brought up quite often. I know the faults of my past relationships and I am trying to show myself and her that she is different ( Kira says, I do not want you to be perfect I want you to be you ) ( I want to be perfect as I do not want her to feel hurt ). She knows my every thought as she looks into my eyes, and she always wants to know what I am thinking, well some times I am thinking things I should not be this soon, read into it what you want. Love is not only a feeling but an action. I could write for hours about her, the last I two Saturdays she did Jewelry and I sat and watched, the first Saturday I drank a beer and played with a head pin for three hours. The second Saturday I sat and watched her. This Saturday I just want to be locked in a bedroom with a sign that says we are sleeping, go away. Her room mates are amazing, and from what I have seen have three unique and different personalities, most men would ask why do you live with three guys, but if you listen, you understand why, they are her brothers, her friends, and I do not mind being the 4th most important guy in her life, another word, listen and you will know why. The pictures are probably a little bit overboard, but she is the first person I think about in the morning, other than my parents and the last person I think about when I go to bed, other than my parents. ( I wake up at 3am, and want to break in her house, and fall asleep with her, and wonder is she ok ) If I do not get a text message by 8am, I think something has happened to her ( was she in an accident, dead, etc ), if she does not get one from me by 11am she freaks out. Love is an amazing thing, I could go on for hours.

Many things I love about her, the first week we started dating, she went and bought train pieces for earrings, and necklaces, my braclet has been broken for the last 2 weeks, and it upsets me,
My friend Adam Arcana is waiting for his daughter to be born, Kira is different she understands why I am happy, and the many emotions that follow that. Our second date, we went to a train museum and as much as I wanted her to follow me, she let me do my thing. I could have spent all day there, but we were there for a few hours.

My car accident, she would have driven to Miami if she knew how bad of condition I actually was in, I did not want her driving in Miami, that is how bad the traffic was, 3 days into our relationship she was going to do that, she is a keeper.

As soon as I hit post, I will get a text message telling me to go back to sleep, well, I will try but she is not laying next to me to make sure I am.

Little secret I feel the same for Kira as Elton feels about Rachel, At 34 and 38 years old respectfully we are not your typical couple, we are those two awkward 16 year old kids.😀 I will say this, we are not getting engaged or married anytime soon, I encourage you, spend an afternoon or evening with us, on a date in person, or a hi how are you doing on Skype.


With this I say, good luck and good night!

I love you Kira Duncan for now and forever

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